A Quick Way to Overcome Shyness?

Please read these three paragraphs. This first paragraph discusses approaches offering fast results. The second paragraph is my quick solution to shyness. The third is what do do once you know the secret. You deserve a quick solution to your shyness. There are many books and sites offering easy, fast ways to overcome shyness, should you use them? My advice is that it is important to try things for yourself. If you think a quick approach will work for you then try it, otherwise there will always be doubt in you mind about following any other approach. You may find good advice and you may find lots of advice on how to manipulate others. My experience is that manipulation will not help find true confidence or true love. Set a time frame for when success is expected because if the ideas are true, they will work as promised. If you don’t see the expected result in the allowed time, then do not despair, instead follow a more structured plan such as the one outlined on Shyandfree.com.

You may be surprised that the Shy and Free™ site has so many pages and words. It turns out it takes many words to convey the simplest of truths. I am happy to give you the secret to transforming shyness in the next sentence. Breathe Consciously. Being aware of your breath will help you almost magically overcome fear. This powerful secret of controlling fear has been known since ancient times and can be proven by you. It is not magic because as you will see, effort is required to focus on your breath when in fear, and this for you may or may not be as easy as it sounds. Practice will show you that following your breath does work. Overcoming fear will help you transform shyness. All the other words on this site are to help you understand how best to use this secret known to warriors of all kinds. How long it takes depends on many things. It could be instant because you recognize this truth and can apply it or it could take time for you to practice breathing consciously.

As you may find, knowing the secret leads to more questions concerning beliefs and how to best use the secret of transforming shyness. While it may seem like completely focusing on overcoming shyness is the quickest path, you may find yourself trapped, not making progress, which is the reason for balance as discussed in the process for transforming shyness. Doing the same thing will keep you stuck, you need to do something new.  Your journey will turn knowledge into wisdom through action.