Balancing the Mind, Body and Spirit leads to transformation

Being out of balance is a strong tendency today. We tend to focus on what we enjoy, what has worked in the past, what earns money, what helps us to escape, what is easy, or what others around us do.  Being out of balance leads to being stuck.

What happens when we are stuck in the Mind, Body, or Spirit?

When stuck in the mind we live in the past and future not enjoying the present moment. When stuck in the body our desires rule and limit our lives. When stuck in Spirit our dreams go unfulfilled.

What happens when we ignore the Mind, Body, or Spirit?

When we ignore the mind we feel inadequate. When we ignore the body we feel cutoff from the world and our own feelings. When we ignore the Spirit we feel hollow and without meaning.

True happiness comes from balance

True happiness does not come from excelling only in one area.  True happiness, infinite energy, and the ability to create come from balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

True lasting success and transformation are created from balance.