Does anyone else have difficulty with introductions?

Does anyone else have difficulty with introductions? I hate to be introduced to a group and asked to tell people there something about myself. I literally freeze or my mind goes blank and my tongue gets wrapped around so I can’t speak right. This happens whether I know there will be a group situation or if it’s a total surprise. The last time this happened the worst was at a Toastmaster’s meeting that I went to alone. I could not wait to leave and never went back!


  1. Perhaps you sensed the importance of introductions and scared yourself. Introductions are really important so it good to know what to say about yourself. What are three things you want people to know about you (that don’t thing you)?

    Practice how you would introduce yourself. The more you have to say about yourself and the more practice you have, the more comfortable and flexible you can be in tailoring your introduction to the audience.

  2. This string of thought made me think of my own somewhat related situation. I am a good conversationalist, but whether or not I am compelled to speak rests solely on the vibes I feel I am getting from the other person(s).

    I went to a potluck dinner the other night, and immediately hit it off with the person I was talking to. This in turn made me more relaxed and open to a couple of others sitting there. I ignored anyone whose body language wasn’t sending me the signals I wanted. Later, on the train ride home I tried chatting with another individual from the dinner. I was open and friendly but her body language just left me cold. I lost all desire to communicate. What is this about? Will cognitive therapy (whenever it starts) help with this?

  3. It is amazing how we hit it off with some people, and there is nothing with others … it seems to just be the way things are.

    Sounds like you are being hard on yourself for not chatting with someone on the train when it just didn’t click.

    It is no one’s fault and there could be any number of reasons why communication was not comfortable.

    You went to the dinner party, talked, had a good, time, and went home — sounds wonderful and shows you can do it.

    Perhaps it takes being a bit insensitive to be able to talk to anyone about anything — especially when things don’t click.

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