How can I help my shy nephew?

I’m here today with a question concerning my nephew. While I don’t consider myself shy, as a highly sensitive person, I’ve lived with shy behaviors and being treated as shy. Now, my nephew who is 17, and shy with girls, not having much social interaction with them. I resonate with his situation, but I’m not a parent, and I know his family is, like, well “Go ahead and ask her already!” It’s been two years he has stood around waiting for her, only to turn his head when she approaches. He has now created an anxiety situation, and his parents want to take him to a psychologist. I am not an interfering Auntie type. I love this kid. What can he do?  How can I help?

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  1. It is wonderful that you want to help and at the same time do not want to interfere. Perhaps a somewhat indirect approach would work such as mentioning an article you read on shyness or purchasing a good book on the topic and giving it as a gift.

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