How to use the Principles that Transform Shyness

While studying the principles that transform shyness, notice when you feel “Sure, I know that”,  “I have heard that before”, and also notice where you strongly disagree.  These principles are all truths that can be proven by you in your own life.

Sometimes we hold beliefs that are not really ours, and that are in other people’s best interest.  Sometimes we hold on to beliefs from childhood which go unquestioned and for which we are not aware.

Question any belief that is not positive and life affirming . . . including beliefs about shyness.

Understanding the following principles is the first step in becoming Shy and Free™ which means being free to be your true self. After learning the principles, the next step is the process of understanding and transforming shyness.

You are on a personal quest and do not need to understand every principle, only the one(s) which you are drawn to at this point in your unique journey.

Click here for the list of principles. The principles shown in color can be clicked for more detailed information.