How to Use the Shy and Free Site

The Shy and Free site is divided into seven areas: Home, Principles, Process, Secret, WaysStories, and Resources.  Click on the corresponding menus at the top of each page to navigate to the desired area. Any text is a different color is a link which will take you to additional information when clicked.  For information about the site, author and awards, click on the About menu. Clicking on the Shyness Book Store will take you to a wonderfully comprehensive book store relating to shyness. Clicking on the Resources menu will reveal some of the sources that influenced this site and assisted in the author’s transformation.

One way to approach this site is by reading the first three areas: Principles that Transform Shyness,  A Process of Understanding Shyness, and the Secret of Transforming Shyness,  then explore the Ways that Transform Shyness, Stories, and Resources.

Alternatively, go to the area where you are most drawn.