How to use the Ways that Transform Shyness

With the knowledge of the Principles that Transform Shyness, insight learned by following a Process of Understanding Shyness, and the wisdom gained from the Secret of Transforming Shyness, you can now practice Ways of being and behaving that will transform your shyness.

While studying the following Ways that Transform Shyness, notice when you feel “Sure, I know that”, “I do that now”, and also notice where you  feel “I could never do that!” These are all powerful ways of being and strategies that work to transform shyness.

We model our ways of behaving from our friends, parents, television, and other influences. Sometimes we are not aware that they do not work, yet we continue to use these ineffective ways.  Sometimes we are not even aware we are following any strategy or particular way at all. Why not use strategies that really work, instead of old ways which produce the same old results?

Question any strategy that is not working for you now . . . including ways of being you have used your whole life.

Using the following ways will help you become Shy and Free™ which means being free to be your true self.

You are on a personal quest and do not need to understand every way of being which follows, only the one(s) which you are drawn to at this point in your own journey.

Click here for the list of ways that transform shyness. The way shown in color can be clicked for more detailed information.