I am quiet, introverted and people think I’m a snob

I have shy all through my life and now that I’m an adult I feel like I am losing touch with my life. I am 21 and yet I feel like I have missed out on my social life for years. I am quiet, introverted and people think I’m a snob and yet I feel I’m no snob, or as they call it “too hard to get”. Help me.

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  1. Yes, people often think that shy/introverted people are snobs just because they are quiet. I can relate to how you feel about missing out on life because I felt the same at your age.

    I’m twice you age now and have been through a lot in order to create a happy life.

    The best advice I can give is to first be kind to yourself. From my own experience, I can tell you that beating yourself up because you are shy/introverted will not help.What does help is realizing that you are different (i.e.. shy/introverted compared to outgoing/extroverted). Believe me, outgoing/extroverted people have their problems too (I know, you wish you had their problems …)

    Realizing that it is OK to be shy/introverted is one of the best things you can do for yourself. From this place of acceptance, you can create a happy and fulfilling life that works for a person of your nature.

    Shy/introverted people tend to have just one or a few close friends compared to outgoing/extroverted people who tend to have many. Accept that this is OK and seek out people you are compatible with.

    Explore your interests. Take classes, seminars, and attend events that attract people like you. Turn your life into an adventure.

    The easiest thing to do is to just stay home … but it is really hard to meet someone if you don’t leave your place.

    I remember feeling at your age that I had wasted my whole life… but this would have only been true had I not taken steps to create a happy life as this is really a lifetime process. Starting now, you can take steps toward creating a happy life.
    Use the past simply to remind you how your life will be if you do not do anything different.

    I highly recommend books by Bernardo Carducci as he really understands shyness and offers the best solutions for working with it.

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