I have trouble with eye contact with everyone

I am a really shy shy person and I have trouble with eye contact with everyone, even my parents and I don’t know what to do. What is a good way to deal with this? I’m worried because if I have a girlfriend in the future I may feel uncomfortable and it will be hard for me and she may not feel comfortable with me either. I’m also shy to dance, I never danced either. I have to many problems with myself and it has worried me too much. Tell me, will my shyness really affect my relationship with my girlfriend? How bad will it be?

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  1. Yes, eye contact is important in relationships. I can think of two reason for having difficulty with eye contact:
    1) Technique
    2) Self-esteem

    Technique is learning effective ways of having eye contact. One way is to look into one eye for a few seconds then the other eye.

    If you still have difficulty, then look at how you feel when you make eye contact. How do you feel about yourself? How do you feel about the other person? How do you feel about yourself compared to the other person?

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