I’m growing and some of these layers of self dislike are peeling away

Thanks for your advice all. I don’t even remember posting this message! It’s really interesting to look back upon what you have written a year earlier and look at it from an outsider’s point of view. Plus, I have grown, and since then a lot has happened.

I do think a lot of shy people are shy because of the way they perceive themselves. It’s something I still struggle with on a daily basis. Sometimes I look in the mirror and view myself in a positive light – I actually see myself as worthy…and a lot of times this positive self-liking fades as soon as I step outside my home to the harsh outside world – I compare myself to others, and suddenly I’m not feeling so confident in myself anymore. I guess that takes time to perfect…and maybe a little by a little I can eventually become whole and not care about what others think.

Sometimes it’s so much easier to stay home and be confident from within the protective walls.

Anyway…as I said, I’m growing and some of these layers of self dislike are peeling away…and now I’m beginning to feel ok speaking to strangers, trying not to worry about “will they like me?” and just be myself.

I still don’t have a boyfriend, but I’m not as terribly upset over it. I’ll just take fate as it comes, meet new people slowly…but first of all I have to work on myself before I can be in any sort of romantic relationship…

To everyone out there…you’ll find someone.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how our thoughts change like the wind? When reading things I have written months or years ago, I first have the feeling that someone else wrote them. Keeping a journal can be very revealing as it shows how our thoughts change over time and also shows recurring themes — perhaps lessons to be learned.

    You have a good understanding and are doing all the right things.

    Having an intention to have a healthy relationship and taking opportunities that present themselves and that you create is the best you can do right now — you can’t force meeting a compatible person, but you can be awake and ready when it does happen.

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