Keep a journal

How many times have you resolved with all your strength to do something about your shyness, that nothing would stop you! — Then, looking back at the end of the week or month, you find you have not even taken the first step?

Gurdjieff often said that we are asleep most of the time, that we are like robots. Unless we use techniques to keep us awake, we quickly fall back into the robotic behavior.

Keeping a journal will do four things for you:

  • Remind you to stay awake
  • Show you how you change
  • Reveal patterns
  • Help you create what you dream

Keeping a journal will provide self-insight and help keep you moving in the direction that you want to go. You will be surprised when you read your own thoughts from the past — many will seem like they came from someone else. You will also be amazed how what you dream comes true.

To keep a journal, set aside some time each day or week to record your activities, feelings, fears, dreams, and goals. Write about what you had the strongest feeling about even if it seems trivial. Be sure to include not only your current feelings, but also what you want to happen and feel — the future.  By writing about the future as you want it to be, you will help create what you dream. Set a minimum time for which you will write and write even if you have nothing to say (write I have nothing to say, I have nothing to say…) as this will get you accustomed to writing. Summarize your learnings at the end of the day/week from your journal writing as this is a way to uncover your own wisdom.

It is best that a journal entry:

  • Be in notebook or file set aside for journal writing
  • Be dated with the Month, Day, and Year

Journal writing is a tool to help you stay awake and to help you achieve your goals and dreams — it really works, try it for one month and prove it to yourself.