List of Principles that Transform Shyness

The following is a list of principles that transform shyness.

  1. You are not like everyone else.
  2. You are more than your shyness.
  3. Shyness is serving you.
  4. You are responsible for your actions, not your feelings.
  5. When you feel safe you do not feel shy.
  6. Balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit leads to transformation.
  7. Success is available every moment.
  8. Shyness is an inner guide.
  9. The answer is within.
  10. Trusting the universe instead of attempting control brings success.
  11. Not everyone was meant to be your friend or partner.
  12. Obsession is a sign telling you to let go.
  13. Your beliefs create your reality.
  14. Nothing is wrong with you.
  15. You are loved for your flaws.
  16. You are shy because you have important lessons ahead.
  17. Lessons will be repeated until you understand and learn.
  18. Extraordinary effort is required.
  19. Now is the best time to begin your transformation.
  20. Those who know you as shy limit your freedom.
  21. Addictions deplete your transformative energy.
  22. Being shy is not better or worse than being outgoing.
  23. Shyness exists within, not without.
  24. You are as important as anyone else.
  25. Your past was pre-destined, your future is not.
  26. Manipulation will not get you what you really want.
  27. Help others, help self.