List of Ways that Transform Shyness

The following is a list of ways that transform shyness.

  1. Always have something meaningful to say.
  2. Keep a Journal.
  3. Date, Date, Date with many people you may not be interested in.
  4. Move from Wrong to Right Action.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  6. Ask for help.
  7. Communicate with impact to move a relationship forward.
  8. Ask for what you want.
  9. Change your automatic social response from “No” to “Yes”.
  10. Ask for everyone’s phone number.
  11. Publicly declare what you truly want.
  12. Recognize when you are escaping and reroute the energy.
  13. Volunteer first as a way to overcome the fear of public speaking.
  14. Life After Shyness.