My head knows what to do but my heart doesn’t follow

I recently graduated college and am trying to get a job. Meanwhile, I’m working part-time job. The thing is, every time I hear people talking in the office and laughing,I can’t help it but think they are laughing at me and i get nauseated.

I sometimes feel the same way when I’m with my friends. Whenever my friends are criticizing about someone else I feel like they are talking about me. All the personality flaws they point out, I have it. When I meet new people, my face freezes and I can’t keep conversation. I tried to be social and funny, sometime I do good and sometime people ask me what’s wrong with me because I act so differently. I know I need to accept the way I am,but I am having hard time and I don’t know how to. My head knows exactly what to do, but my heart doesn’t follow. Can someone give me advice on how to take the first step?

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  1. You are saying that in your mind you know what to do, but something prevents you from doing it.Deep down you know what you want and what to do, but you don’t do it.

    By indicating that your heart is not in it you could be saying that you have not yet found the needed motivation or perhaps your heart is in it, but your mind is preventing your from carrying out what you really want to do.

    Many people are paralyzed by what others think of them (or what they think other people think).

    You might start with finding ways to control the mind so it does not control you.

    What really helped me was learning conscious breathing as described in The Secret of Transforming Shyness.

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