OK expressing feelings for someone on paper or electronically instead of in person such as love letter?

I just have a general question…i was just thinking about the way I communicate with people, specifically with people in a romantic sense. A few years back I gave a guy a “love letter.” Well, it wasn’t exactly the kind of gushy, typical love letter one would expect. It was more a revelation of my feelings for him…at the time I thought it was a good idea because I could sit down and really think about what to say…and I am fairly good at expressing myself in writing and terrible at expressing it in words. What do you all think of expressing your feelings for someone on paper or electronically? Is it strange? Is it cowardly? Is it avoiding facing one’s fears and reality?

I just think that for a shy girl, at the time (I was 18) it was the only way I could do it (perhaps it was selfish). Any opinions?

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  1. I think that it takes some bravery to actually send the letter. If that is/was the only way you can/could communicate your feelings then it is a good first step.

    When I did similar things, I hoped that the other person would respond with “I feel the same” but that did not happen.

    Instead the other person was polite, rude, or upset because they did not know how to deal with receiving a letter expressing feelings from someone they did not really know.

    Their reaction was one of fear or worry — why is this person writing me?

    Some social norms are expected and it is generally expected that one would talk and get to know someone before expressing feelings (in a letter or in person).

    Small talk is very hard for many people, yet small talk is just a warm-up and prelude to deeper conversations and really getting to know someone.

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