Resources for the Mind

Mind Resources

CoverHow to Work a Room : Learn the Strategies of Savvy Socializing – For Business and Personal Success by Susan Roane Always have something interesting to say by following the simple and effective ways of connecting with people.

CoverBird by Bird : Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott You learn that you are loved for your flaws, not your perfection from this humorous and true-to-life look at people through the eyes of a writer teaching her craft.

CoverIn Search of the Miraculous : Fragments of an Unknown Teaching by P. D. Ouspensky a student ofGurdjieff “Awakening begins with realizing you are going nowhere”.


CoverHow People Change by Allen Wheelis “… a change in the way we live will make a change in what we feel.”“… freedom depends on awareness …”


whatwemaybeWhat We May Be : Techniques for Psychological and Spiritual Growth Through Psychosynthesis by

Piero Ferrucci Learn to understand and integrate the many parts of yourself.


beyondShynessBeyond Shyness : How to Conquer Social Anxieties by Jonathan Berent Excellent information on the importance of independence. Helpful to both the shy person and caring parents.