Shyness Advice Summary List and Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Here is an indexed list of links to all the shyness advice posts and comments which makes up the FAQ

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Accept Shyness?

The more I try to get rid of my shyness the stronger it becomes


Continued action turns worry and anxiousness into self assurance
The *cure* for social anxiety has been found!


I can chat but not in person!
OK expressing feelings for someone on paper or electronically instead of in person such as love letter?
Too insecure to call him


Shyness and Consciousness


Blind Date: HELP!
Do you always fall in love with people you can’t get?
I’m growing and some of these layers of self dislike are peeling away
It’s never too late to find love
I’ve dealt a crushing blow to my worst, bitterly hated enemy FEAR
Shy loves Shy
The relationship feels lopsided
What if I kiss the wrong way?
Why is it so hard to just talk to someone I like!?


Do I have shyness, social anxiety, or social phobia?

Eye Contact

I have trouble with eye contact with everyone

Helping Others

How can I help my shy nephew?
What to do about a shy adult son


Reprogram the subconscious mind to overcome shyness?


Does anyone else have difficulty with introductions?

Making Friends

Everybody needs people they can relate to
Is there an easy way to approach someone or must it always be hard?
Sing for your supper
Why is it so easy for other people to develop companionship?
Would you like to dance? (ever thought of dancing as a way to be more social?)


How can I motivate myself consistently enough to make a real difference in my life?
I feel like I’ll never make it through school at the rate I’m going – I will drop out
Look for mentors that make you challenge yourself
My head knows what to do but my heart doesn’t follow
Some improvement but still have problem with procrastinating and sleeping too much

Nice Guy

Why is being a nice guy so unattractive?

Perception of Others

How do I avoid extremely negative feedback?
I am quiet, introverted and people think I’m a snob
I cannot seem to get past the seeming coldness or indifference of strangers and acquaintances
Is shyness a lifetime sentence?
Why is it OK to ask why are you so quiet?

Public Speaking

How to overcome the fear of public speaking?

Quick Solutions to Shyness

A Quick Way to Overcome Shyness?

Small Talk

How do I stop feeling awkward and self-conscious with silence?
The dreaded silence…
This “small talk” business is destroying me


I am 28 and have never had a girlfriend

What about sex and being a virgin?

When should one tell a female you are attracted to that you are still a virgin?


Is there a reason for my shyness?


Advice for phone anxiety at work
Keep showing up!
I feel incompetent and helpless, but I know that I am skilled enough to perform the job