Some improvement but still have problem with procrastinating and sleeping too much

Well I’m about halfway through the spring semester and have made a little bit of improvement on what I last posted about. This is the first semester I’ve gone full time for this long without dropping a class, and so far I’m getting all A’s.

Also I’ve made some improvement in socializing with people. I’ve got to know a few people in some of my classes, even a couple of girls. I’m so nervous when I talk to these girls though and make the biggest fool out of myself sometimes.

I still have a bad problem with procrastinating and sleeping too much. I don’t even have a job that takes up some of my time and I still barely get some of my school work done on time. I’ve been thinking about trying out some counseling for it lately. I need to do something about it because it really drags me down.

Anyway, hopefully I can keep on improving.

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  1. Good going! It is great that you have got to know a few people — give yourself credit for this accomplishment. Don’t sweat being nervous and making a “fool” out of yourself around girls — one of these girls may find this “foolishness” charming.

    Follow through on the idea of counseling, it will really help.

    Have you found one class that you are really interested in? Are you doing something physical 3 times a week? (this can help your overall energy level).

    Be good to yourself, you deserve it!

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