1. I understand your fear of calling someone that you like. Just keep in mind that he is probably just as nervous as you are, so that should help a little.

    If you are worried about what to talk about, maybe before you call you could write down some topics to glance at during the conversation –that will help to stop the awkward silence.

    You could even ask someone who knows him and what his interests are, and then you could figure out what to talk about from there!

    Although you may feel insecure note that after all he did notice something that he liked about you or he wouldn’t have asked about you. If you like him, then that should give you the confidence to show some interest in him, that way he knows that you like him too. As far as the rejection part, I know that it hurts to be rejected, but don’t take it as “you’re not good enough”, make it into a learning experience, and you’ll know what to do next time.

  2. Excellent advice written above. I would try to make it casual, invite him to have coffee in a place you both know — this way, it won’t be as big a deal if he says no, and it won’t put pressure on either of you.

    If he does say no, you took a risk and will not suffer from regret later — your ego may be a little bruised, but you can tell yourself that you did what you could and can not control how other people feel about you.

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