Volunteer First! in order to overcome fear of public speaking

How to overcome the fear of public speaking? The answer is to volunteer first even though fear tells you to wait until the last possible moment or to avoid it altogether.

A way to overcome the fear and discomfort of giving speeches was shared with me and I successfully used it to graduate from college, give presentations at work and to more comfortably participate in group activities of all kinds. This way is counter-intuitive and was given to me by a very outgoing person which caused me to initially dismiss it. I resisted the advice and only used it only out of desperation because I had to pass a speech class in order to graduate from the university and I had tried everything else.

The way to overcome the fear of giving speeches or presentations is to volunteer first. I know that this sounds like exactly what you don’t want to do, but it works because instead of sitting there tormented as others present themselves, you go first and get it over with. Going first has the advantage of not yet being compared to anyone. It also has the great advantage that afterwards, you can sit back and relax and listen to the speeches instead of experiencing anguish while you compare yourself to them in your mind as you wait your turn.

I went from someone who literally trembled in fright during a talk to someone who almost looks forward to presenting. Volunteering first also has the advantage of being more favorably received than those that go later because you have established the benchmark for comparison. When possible, volunteer first to give a speech or make a presentation. Be ready in case someone else is not so that you can go as early as possible.

When in front of the group, use conscious breathing as described in the secret of transforming shyness to overcome fear and get through the speech.