Would you like to dance? (ever thought of dancing as a way to be more social?)

Ever thought of dancing as a way to be more social? Dancing is great because you can learn with others who are just starting.There are so many forms of dancing and just about every community has either a dance studio or dance classes available through high school and college adult education.

Dancing is good exercise, is social, and is fun. So what if you are not good at it? The important thing is to move your body, meet others, and learn something new.

Who knows what changes that may occur when you start dancing.

Why am I so hot about dancing? In my early twenties I designed a self-help program for myself to deal with my shyness. One step was to join a dance studio.

I drove to the parking lot three times before actually going in. It was very scary at first and I was really terrible — no natural gift of dance or even of hearing the beat of the music.

I stuck with it and learned to overcome my self-consciousness, laugh at myself, and have fun. I also learned that anyone can dance given enough time, practice and group lessons.

After a while, to my surprise, I even had a date to a dance party.

Check for online beginner dance tutorials to get an idea. Don’t be intimidated by the feet with numbers, dancing is actually easier to learn with a real teacher (and more fun!)

Why not find the nearest dance class and join the fun?


  1. Kevin, are you a good dancer? Well, that means that you are not that shy like you say you are. At least you can dance in parties without being embarrassed. Well, I never danced in my life in parties. First of all, I don’t know how to dance to any kind of music, second of all would be too shy and embarrassed to dance especially while people are sitting down and looking, and third of all it would feel embarrassing for me. It would take a lot of practice and getting use to in order to get use to dancing in parties. At least you Kevin were able to give it your all and dance but I’m a different story. What can I do? I don’t have the moves and the body and that’s what also makes me feel that way. If you have any advice for me about that please tell me.

  2. First, no one has the ability to really know another person’s shyness. Just because you don’t see something on the outside does not mean that it does not exist on the inside and conversely, a inside feeling is not necessarily visible to the outside world.

    Before I took dance lessons, I had never danced with anyone as an adult; could not hear the rhythm, could not feel the music; felt very awkward; etc.

    I was terrified of dancing. By facing what I most feared, I learned a lot about myself and had a lot of fun.

    I learned many things such as:
    -anyone can dance the basics with enough lessons
    -take one step at a time

    You said “It would take a lot of practice and getting use to in order to get use to dancing in parties.”

    What is wrong with a lot of practice? What is wrong with taking the time to get use to something? Who knows what will happen if you take a chance and join a class? Perhaps the class itself will be a source of good experiences. Everything in life worth doing takes some effort.

    Secondly, don’t try to jump to the end result. Your message speaks of “dancing at parties” — well that is a longer term goal (it took me many years to reach that point.) What is wrong with first dancing in dance class? By jumping in your mind to the end result, you just scare yourself so that you don’t even try.

    If you believe you can’t do something, then you are right. I would rather be happy than right (paraphrase of Richard Bach.)

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