You are more than your shyness

Parts of you are adventurous, powerful, patient, responsible, expressive, creative, original, honest, wise, judging, sensitive and shy.  All of these parts have a positive intention.

A simple question proves you are more than your shyness: What part of you wants to change?

It can’t be the shy part, why would this part want to change?  If it is not the shy part that wants to change, then there must be other parts that are longing to be set free.

We can see ourselves as shy because we are too identified with the shy part and not identified enough with other parts of ourselves.

Sometimes, the more you try to change your shyness, the stronger it becomes.

Real change happens by freeing the other parts of you, not by trying to change or get rid of your shyness.

There is also a center part, the real you. This center part is in touch will all the other parts of you and enacts your highest interest.  Imagine being in touch will all parts of you and being able to call on the appropriate part at will. Being centered in this way gives you freedom to live your life purpose and be happy.