Your beliefs create your reality

When we are children, our beliefs are formed from our experiences, our parents, family members, friends, and schoolmates. This is natural and OK for children as it helps them to learn the ways of the world and society.

Limitations, false beliefs, and fear are also learned as children.

When we are older we assume the same is true, that our experiences create our beliefs and that this is how we will continue to learn.  We also believe the limitations and fear, and false beliefs from childhood.

Little do we realize that when we become adults, the reverse is actually true … That our beliefs now create our experiences … yet we continue to create the same reality formed from the beliefs of our childhood.

For example, if we believe shyness is something to be ashamed of, then we will experience embarrassment from our shyness.  If however we believe our shyness is a source of mystery, we may create a mystic about ourselves that will impact some people in a positive way.

We can each create a ritual or rite of passage for ourselves, one that marks a turning point in our lives — one that demonstrates that from this moment on We create reality from our beliefs.

Realizing our beliefs create our reality gives us the power to change reality by changing our beliefs and actions.