Your site changed my life like no therapist or antidepressants could do before

Dear Kevin,

I’m a depressed 18 year old nobody. I came across your site tonight. I’m crying right now I don’t want to sound like I’m kissing your ass but I’d just like to tell you that if tonight is any indication I think you could say that your site changed my life like no therapist or antidepressants could do before.

When I got to the process section and had to ask myself those questions you mentioned, I opened up notepad and a few hours later I had diagramed every problem in my life, some of which I knew about and others which came out of nowhere and therapy never brought out of me. I won’t go into detail about them unless you really want me to.

I’m intensely jaded and callous and I was half paying attention by the time I got to your site expecting more self help bullshit that others might have come up with. and it could very well have been that way, until I started reading about your mind, body and spirit definitions. From that point on you managed to extinguish every second guess I could throw at myself. I’m “stuck” mostly in my brain, and I’m pretty quick to write off everything cause I get some arrogant intelligence issues starting to build up until I convince myself that what I’m reading doesn’t apply to my case for whatever reasons. Then you said that the brain is the part of an individual that would demand proof that this web site is gonna work, you stopped me dead in my tracks, so to speak, cause I’m not used to being predictable. My other skepticism was your word “spirit” but lo and behold you managed to convince me that spirit was just a term for high levels of what I aspire to be.

Anyway, in the past I’ve found that the more I rave about something the quicker it goes away so I’m gonna stop. I really hope that I don’t write this off as emotional bullshit tomorrow morning and go back to where I started, but to be honest I haven’t cried genuinely in a long time so I think that’s an indication of something important. I’ll try to keep at it. If for nothing else, thanks for making me cry :)

-G 12/10/01