Your website has sparked for me the deep understanding that the power to overcome ANY obstacle is within

I would like to personally say thanks to the producer of shy and free website. I am a 21 year old student and always used to feel timid, shy, unhappy and different from other people. I use to look at the world with contempt. I have come across many a website explaining the ‘what it feels like to be shy and how to come out of it’ and ‘how one should not feel that way’ etc. All the time reading those articles seemed to reinforce my shyness every time. However, one day when looking for something different I came across a site which was entitled ‘Shyandfree’ – firstly I was intrigued by the title. I thought it was a mismatch! I thought how does being free and being shy be compatible. They are incompatible!! That made me go to the web site and read everything!!! (now there is no looking back :)

But as I read through the website. Each time I have become more interested and intrigued and never have looked back since. Your complete understanding of what it is that causes the limitation and deep understanding of how to overcome it is pure brilliance and amazing. Your way of way explaining and stressing particular points is also excellent. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart because I have learned life skills that were amazing and that majority of the population don’t understand. These are ‘failure is the natural way to succeed’; ‘live in the moment’;  ‘obsession is a sign telling you to let go’; ‘you are loved for your flaws’; ‘being perfect is equated with being being robotic and puts off people’ and many more. But the most incredible one for me was ‘You have the power to control your reality’ (which means your experience does not create your reality but instead your thoughts create your reality). The most important lesson I have learned was how our thoughts actually create our experiences and amazingly that means if we maintain positive thoughts at all times we can have positive experience all the time!!! What an amazing lesson. I questioned this concept first and thought ‘Hell if that’s the case everybody would be doing! and so must be false!’ and ‘how come no one I know knows about it or It was never taught in the books or the internet!!!!’ BUT then I decided to give it a benefit of doubt and try it. I have set myself to think positive for 24 hours for seven days. AMAZINGLY it worked. NO SITUATION WAS DULL because I didn’t think it to be dull and BECAUSE I thought it to be exciting and positive it BECAME positive. From there I have learned about how to live in the moment. VERY POWERFUL STUFF. Only if everybody knew the world would be a better place.

Also, I have learned how one is more than their shyness and that in reality shyness is just one part of one’s personality.

Since putting many of the principles I have learned from your website to practice I have done many things. The most memorable and lovely one being: giving a presentation to over 50 students at my university and getting first for the delivery. Truly incredible, in that presentation I used the breathing technique which gave wonders. Now I love presentations!! I am now much more employable since I possess interpersonal skills. Very thanks to YOU. I am now very keenly interested in many aspects and read Psychoanalysis books (Gestalt Therapy) an amazing book recommended from your website.

Truly your website has sparked for me the deep understanding that the power to overcome ANY obstacle is within. And how true the phrase ‘Be yourself’ because that’s where the strength lies. Now faced with any obstacle I know the right place to look. Thanks to you when you said ‘Your shyness is JUST one part of you – what about the other parts?’. OH How True.

Thank you Once Again

H. June 13 2005